Kazan Residents Sang Victory Song Together from Home

Kazan residents supported the action #PoyemDvorom (“#SingWithWholeYard”) and sang from their windows and balconies David Tukhmanov’s song to the verses of Vladimir Kharitonov “Victory Day”, which is considered the main one of the holiday, KazanFirst reports. 

Picture: Kazan Regional Website

At 7 pm after the All-Russian minute of silence, Kazan residents began to go out on balconies with portraits of their relatives who participated in the Great Patriotic War or were the rear workers. The action was held to make Russians feel the unity of the nation. It is noted that there were also held the actions in which Kazan residents took part, namely “Flags of Russia” and “Victory Windows”. As part of these actions, people hang the Russian flag on the windows and painted colourful drawings with congratulations.

Ru-Main, 10.05.2020

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