Kazan Topped Socio-Economically Developed Tatarstan Districts

Kazan, together with Almetyevsky and Laishevsky districts, topped the rating of socio-economically developed municipal and urban districts of the Republic of Tatarstan in January-June 2020, the press service of the republican Ministry of Economy reported.  

The rating also shows a positive trend in the volume of housing under construction and commissioning, where the leaders were Pestrechinsky district (3,125 square metres), Laishevsky district (2,148 metres), and Tukaevsky municipal district (1,957 metres). In total, from January to June 2020, the total area of ​​residential buildings commissioned in Tatarstan amounted to 0,347 square metres per capita. It is noted that the positive dynamics of the regions is associated with the growth of economic indicators, such as an increase in the volume of shipped goods of own production, a gross agricultural output, and a decrease in the unemployment rate.

Ru-Main, 10.08.2020 

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