Kremlin Considers Retaliatory Measures in Case UK Sanctions Russian Oligarchs

The British government will submit a bill to parliament that will make possible the introduction of large-scale sanctions against Russia. The Press Secretary of Russia’s President, Dmitry Peskov, said that the Kremlin considers the statements of the British Foreign Minister, Liz Truss, an undisguised attack on business. 

“Sanctions are something legitimate and something formalized by a decision of the UN Security Council. In this case, we are talking about an undisguised attack on business,” Peskov stressed.

According to him, Russia will give its own response to London’s attack against Russian business when it happens. In such a case, Russia will take into account national interests.

“An attack by a single country on Russian business, of course, implies retaliatory measures, and these measures will be formulated solely taking into account our own interests, proceeding from our own interests, if necessary,” the Spokesman said.

The Press Secretary of the President noted that the statements of the British Foreign Ministry about possible sanctions against Russia demonstrate the unpredictability of London and gives rise to serious concern for international financial structures and business structures in general.

“In fact, the Cabinet of Ministers of Great Britain threatens, among other things, its large business,” Peskov noted.

In addition, Peskov stressed that such statements undermine the investment attractiveness of the UK.

“It’s not often you see or hear such direct threats to attack a business […] At the same time, our domestic companies are investing at home, which is gratifying,” he added.

Ru-Main, 31.01.2022
Source: TASS  

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