Kremlin Denied Biden’s Claims About Russia’s Interference in US Elections

“Russia has never interfered in the US electoral processes. The results of many investigations conducted in the US confirm that Russia has never interfered. Russia certainly does not and has no intention to meddle in some electoral processes abroad,” Peskov said.

Also, the Kremlin spokesman said that the Kremlin does not want to compare Russian and US intelligence services and make claims about who is stronger, but believes Russia has many reasons to be proud of its intelligence officers. This statement was made after Biden expressed the belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin is worried because of the alleged superiority of US intelligence. However, Peskov expressed positive feelings about the fact that Russia and the United States started to negotiate with each other.

“So far, the only positive thing is the fact that we have moved from stalemate to negotiations… Still, the fact that today our experts are sitting in Geneva and discussing the issues of strategic stability, other contacts – this is a very positive sign. And we hope that, at least in the course of such contacts, we will be able to more fully convey our positions to each other,” Peskov said.

Ru-Main, 28.07.2021

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