Kurgan Region Suspended Registration of Mobilized, as Volunteers Covered Required Numbers

In the Kurgan region, due to the large number of volunteers who came to the military enlistment office as part of partial mobilization, the dispatch of conscripts was suspended. 

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“Kurgan residents who came to the mobilization points voluntarily helped to form and send groups to military units promptly,” the military enlistment office told the Ura.ru news agency.

In addition, it is clarified that since Friday, September 30, there has been no departure of conscripts from the points in the regional center. The volunteers helped the commissariat staff to carry out an interim plan to send the mobilized to the units.

Mobilization in Russia

As reminded, on September 21, 2022, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, announced partial mobilization in the country. The purpose of this mobilization is to form new military units and complement the existing ones to participate in a special military operation in Ukraine and territories that have become part of the Russian Federation. According to Russia’s Defence Minister, Sergey Shoigu, the process will affect 300 thousand people.

The government hurried to support the mobilized citizens immediately. As fontanka reports, the Federation Council Committee supported the law on credit holidays for the mobilized. They are granted upon application for a period of service under a contract or participation in a special operation +30 days. Fines for overdue debts will not be charged at this time.

Besides, the debt is subject to write-off in the event of the death of a serviceman, as well as if he receives a disability of group I. Loans of his family members should also be written off in these cases.

Ru-Main, 03.10.2022
Source: Lenta 

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