Laboratory for Smart Home Programming Education to Appear in Rostov

A smart-laboratory “Legrand” with equipment for studying the operation of automated systems for providing residential and industrial premises with water, heat, and electricity will appear at the Don State Technical University (DonSTU). 

Picture: DonSTU Official Website

It is planned that the Rostov university students will begin classes in the laboratory in September 2021. Its premises will be divided into two zones: an educational zone for studying the theory of the device of “smart home” systems and a practical zone which will house stands with operating advanced equipment that will automate the control of such systems.

It is noted that “Legrand” has already donated all the equipment necessary for the laboratory to operate. ‘Netatmo’ technologies, developed by “Legrand” allows controlling the lighting and water supply system at home from a smartphone, as well as the operation of underfloor heating, blinds, smoke detectors, alarms, and video surveillance cameras.

Also in the laboratory, there will be a water panel which, with the help of clarity, facilitates the development of programming skills (user commands regulate the frequency of falling water drops). A controlled mini-fountain installed in the laboratory will allow students to study the automated water supply system.

Ru-Main, 30.04.2021 

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