Lada Cars Became Most Popular Among Muscovites

Cars of the domestic Lada brand turned out to be the most popular among the residents of the Russian capital, according to the AUTOSTAT analytical agency.  

“At the end of July, new Lada passenger cars were purchased in Moscow, with a circulation of 684 cars. Lada Vesta became the most popular car in the model rating, 393 residents of the capital purchased cars of this family,” the report says.

The domestic brand turned out to be the leader of the capital’s car market for the first time in 13 years.

According to experts, Lada’s success is due to the termination of deliveries of European and Japanese brand cars to Russia due to sanctions and the stoppage of production of Korean-made cars at Russian factories caused by problems with the logistics of components.

In addition, other top 5 most popular cars brands in Moscow appeared to be Kia, Geely, Hyundai, and Chery.

Ru-Main, 25.08.2022
Source: Moslenta  

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