Lada Niva Celebrated 44th Anniversary

On April 5, the Russian off-road vehicle VAZ-2121 “Niva” turned 44 years old. It was on this day in 1977 at the Volzhsky Automobile Plant that the production of an all-terrain vehicle began. In 2005-2020 the car bore the name LADA 4×4, and at the beginning of 2021, it got back its traditional name, adding the word “Legend” to it, the AUTOSTAT analytical agency reports. 

According to the agency, as of January 1, 2021, 1 million 175.2 thousand LADA Niva Legend off-road vehicles were registered in Russia. At the same time, 85 per cent of this amount is the standard, 3-door version (999.5 thousand cars), and the remaining 15 per cent are 5-door cars (175.7 thousand vehicles). It is noted that in terms of the total number of cars, “Niva” is one of the top three most common in Russia.

It is specified that most of these cars are in the Krasnodar Territory (50.4 thousand cars). The second place among the regions is occupied by Bashkortostan (41.7 thousand cars), and the third – by the Moscow region (39.5 thousand cars). In addition to them, the top five includes the Rostov Region (37.2 thousand cars) and the Krasnoyarsk Territory (32.4 thousand cars).

Also, specialists stated that almost three quarters (74 per cent) of LADA Niva Legend cars are 10 years old and older (865.6 thousand cars). There are 85.6 thousand new cars (under the age of 3 years inclusive), or 7 per cent of the total. Thus, the remaining 19 per cent (224 thousand cars) are between 4 and 9 years old.

Ru-Main, 06.04.2021 

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