Large Families in Jewish Autonomous Region to Get Compensation for Kindergarten Fee

Large families in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (JAO), where three or more children attend kindergarten, will receive 100 per cent of parental compensation. Previously, this support measure was valid only for large families with low income and in a limited amount, TASS reports. 

It is noted that helping families with children is one of the tasks of the “Demography” national project, which was initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The amount of compensation is “tied” to the average parental pay for the supervision and care of children in state or municipal institutions of preschool education.

“For the first child, you can get compensation in the amount of 20 per cent, for the second, half of the costs are returned, for the third and subsequent children – 70 per cent,” the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly, Lyubov Pavlova, explained.

According to the Department of Social Protection of the Population of the Jewish Autonomous Region, currently, there are a total of 33 large families living there, in which three or more children go to kindergarten at the same time. Of these, 15 families receive compensation: for 20 children – 70 per cent, for 13 children – 50 per cent, and for 12 children – 2 per cent.

Ru-Main, 30.03.2021 

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