Lavrov: West Can’t Constantly Attack Russia With Impunity

Moscow expects increased economic cooperation with China as the West takes a more dictatorial stance, as was said by the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, on Monday, May 23. Thus, Russia intends to build relations with independent countries and will decide how to deal with the West “if and when it comes to its senses.” 

“Now that the West is taking the position of a dictator, our economic ties with China will grow even faster,” Lavrov noted. “In addition to direct income to the treasury, this will give us the opportunity to implement plans for the development of the Far East and Eastern Siberia.”

Speaking about a special military operation in Ukraine, Lavrov said that Moscow had tried to resolve the Donbass crisis by making Kiev implement the Minsk Agreements, but the West only pretended to care about the talks, and instead “encouraged the arrogant position of the Kiev regime.”

According to the Minister, now the West is “reacting furiously” to Russia defending its “absolutely legitimate, fundamental interests.” Western leaders “chant spells” and declare they must “defeat Russia,” or make Russia “lose on the battlefield,” without understanding the history or nature of Russia, he added.

“They must have done poorly in school,” said Lavrov.

He expressed confidence in the current situation eventual end.

“The West will eventually recognize reality on the ground. It will be forced to admit that it can’t constantly attack the vital interests of Russia – or Russians, wherever they live – with impunity,” the diplomat added.

If and when the West comes to its senses and wants to offer something in terms of resuming relations, Russia will “seriously consider whether we will need it or not,” Lavrov said.

Ru-Main, 24.05.2022
Source: RT 

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