Leader of ‘Hands Up’ Music Band Opens Bar in Novosibirsk

The leader of the famous music group Hands Up!, Sergey Zhukov, promised to open a bar in Novosibirsk in a month. Before that, Sergey concreted objects on the floor that symbolized the heyday of the group, that is audio and video cassettes and a game console, thus creating the so-called “time capsule”. 

Picture: KP Website

“I follow everything and solve all these problems personally, you won’t believe it. I’m sitting and dealing with the girl Olya, who wasn’t allowed in sneakers. Now we allow people in sneakers. But only in normal ones,” says Zhukov.

The network of drinking enterprises “Hands Up Bars” already exists throughout the country. There are bars in Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, and Irkutsk. They include karaoke, dancing, home cooking and the interior of past years. There are also unusual names are given to dishes, for example, “Herring Stoned”, “Back to Bakery” or “Sergey Zhukov’s Diet”.

Ru-Main, 23.02.2020

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