Leader of ‘Little Big’ Music Band Admitted His Complexes

The leader of the Little Big music group, Iliya Prusikin, admitted that in reality, he is not so confident in himself, as it seems to many of his fans. The singer noted that he has been struggling with many complexes since childhood, but he tries to move forward.

Picture: Eurovision TV Website

“Since childhood, I have been trying to prove that everyone around was wrong, that I was better than people thought, that I could do something. I always had an inferiority complex and, it seems, still have it,” Prusikin said.

Prusikin said that a person without complexes does not have any ambitions. He is confident that anyone who tries to achieve something is struggling with insecurity and low self-esteem. He noted that he loves his complexes very much, as they give him the opportunity to do “big things”, Glamour reports.

Ru-Main, 24.05.2020 

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