Living Inventions: Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in Moscow

The Leonardo da Vinci exhibition “Living Inventions” will be held at the Belyaevo Gallery in Moscow, until March 1. It took several years for Russian masters to study and revise 6,000 manuscripts and paintings which have been preserved to this day. 

Picture: International Invention Exhibition Website

The exhibition consists of more than 50 different exhibits, from simple devices to complex aircraft and machines. Moreover, visitors can find photographic reproductions of da Vinci’s paintings, as well as stands with a selection of scientific materials.

All exhibits are accompanied by special explanatory texts, so visitors can travel through the halls on their own. Photos and videos are included in the price of a ticket. Entrance to the exhibition for Moscow schoolchildren is free.

The exhibition runs on Tuesday – Sunday – from 11 am to 8 pm; Monday is a day off. On weekends, free guided tours are held. More details can be found on the organizers’ website.

Ru-Main, 12.02.2020

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