Lifting Platforms for Veterans Expected to Appear in Moscow Entrances

Lifting platforms for war veterans will be installed in Moscow entrances until May 9. As the deputy mayor of Moscow on housing and communal services, Petr Biryukov, said on March 19, it is planned to supply 19 devices, the official website of Moscow Mayor reports. 

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

Two lifting platforms have already been installed, so now work is underway to install other 17 platforms in five districts. According to the deputy mayor, a priority is given to vertical lifting platforms that allow you to cover distances of up to 4 meters.

If it is impossible to place two platforms, an inclined type lift is installed. For veterans, this year 13 platforms of inclined and 6 platforms of vertical types will be installed. This year, it is planned to install more than 260 lifting platforms at the entrances of Moscow houses.

Ru-Main, 19.03.2020

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