Lilac Garden in Sokolniki Park Invites Visitors Again After Renovation

In Moscow, after the renovation, the Lilac Garden was opened in Sokolniki Park. The garden has already existed for over 60 years. It is famous for its rich collection of lilac varieties, as well as sculptures dedicated to love, family, and motherhood, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports. 

The garden has been closed since June 2019. It is noted that the park’s space would be organized in accordance with the requirements for a comfortable stay of visitors.

Now, the garden has several functional areas, including an entrance area, a family recreation area, a grass seating area, and an art space area. It is specified that 16 trees and 327 shrubs were planted in the Lilac Garden. On the territory, an automatic irrigation system was organized, the area of ​​lawn cover and flower beds from perennial plants was increased.

Ru-Main, 15.08.2020, Pictures: Moscow Mayor’s Official Website 

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