Little Big Music Band Told About Eurovision Song

The Russian rave group Little Big on the radio station Energy told about their new song, which they will perform at Eurovision 2020. It was the first interview on this issue after the announcement of the band’s participation in the music contest. 

Picture: Iliya Prusikin Instagram-Page

“It will be in an interesting style, a fairly new format for us. We came up with it on vacation when we all went to rest together in January. It’s not a disco, it’s a rock disco, metal disco. We try to make it radically opposite,” said the group’s frontman Iliya Prusikin.

He explained that the composition was not created especially for Eurovision, it was written spontaneously, just for fun. At the same time, he said that the song was written within the time period determined by the competition rules.

Ru-Main, 12.03.2020

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