Live Wonders: Siberian Scientists Created System for Working Miracles

Novosibirsk scientists have developed a system that allows working miracles on air, reports VN.RU. It is already used on Russian and foreign TV to dock ships with the ISS. 

More than 40 years ago, the Institute of Automation and Electromechanics developed a visualization system by which cosmonauts and astronauts are still learning how to dock ships with the ISS. The system includes object recognition, special boards for a computer, and a system that can replace an entire television studio. All that is needed to make a system operating is a green background, a camera and a program that can be installed even on a home computer.

So far, the system is more in demand abroad than in Russia. The system is massively purchased by China and Korea. With its help, weather forecasts are recorded, educational films and entertaining programs are created. The big advantage is 3D scenery, which can be placed not only behind the presenter but also in front of him.

Ru-Main, 21.02.2020

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