Living Wage in Samara Region Increased for Pensioners

The Samara authorities adopted a bill to increase the living wage for citizens of retirement age. The amount will be lower than the national average, but higher than it is currently in the region. According to the document, the value of the subsistence minimum is set for 2021 and will amount to 8,846 rubles, which is 156 rubles higher than now, reports.  

The value of the subsistence minimum is calculated on the basis of a consumer basket and data on the increase or decrease in prices for food, non-food products, services, the cost of mandatory payments and fees. It is noted that to increase a living wage there is money in the regional pension fund, and there is no need to allocate additional funds from the budget.

Separately, for pensioners, the indicator is asserted in order to calculate the amount of social benefits. The projected value of the subsistence minimum for a pensioner in the country as a whole for 2021 is 9,512 rubles. At the same time, pensions are planned to be indexed next year. The average annual old-age payment in 2021 will be 17,443 rubles.

Ru-Main, 06.10.2020 

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