Longest Graffiti to Appear in Kazan This Summer

More than 1,200 Kazan residents voted for the sketch for the longest graffiti in the city. The theme of the new picture is dedicated to space and is called “I Can Breathe”. The graffiti will be 183 metres long and 1.5 to 16 metres high, KazanFirst reports. 

Picture: Kazan Regional Website

The parking wall on Zavoisky Street near the residential complex Malinovka was chosen for the new graffiti. The famous street artist, Rustam Kubik (QBic), will create the picture on the wall, as it was he who had previously prepared 3 variants of drawings for Kazan residents. It is planned that the graffiti will appear on the city street already this summer.

Ru-Main, 26.06.2020

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