Loudest Karaoke in Yekaterinburg: Big Love Show Festival

On February 9, the festival Big Love Show was held in Yekaterinburg-Expo, where top Russian stars performed, such as Max Barskih, Dima Bilan, Artik & Asti, Yolka, Mot, Zvonkiy, Jony, Andro and Elman. 

According to tradition at the entrance to Expo there was a traffic jam in two rows, and at the entrance, there was a huge queue, reports e1.ru. However, it did not overshadow the impressions of the festival. The crowd expressively reacted to Dima Bilan’s appearance on stage.

The stars who came out after Dima met the warm audience greetings too. People sang with the performers, danced and expressed their joy. One of the citizens even made a marriage proposal to his girlfriend on the big stage.

Ru-Main, 10.02.2020. Pictures: Yekaterinburg Regional Website 

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