Magadan Sculpture Recognized Most Unusual Folk Art Object in Russia

Magadan iron sculpture in the form of a mammoth is recognized as the most unusual folk art object in the country. In the All-Russian contest “Tutu Art”, organized by the travel service, the sculpture took first place. 

Магаданский мамонт | Скульптура
Picture: Pinterest

The competition brought together 85 unusual folk art objects of the country. For three months, the author’s attractions from all regions of Russia competed in the qualifying rounds, and then fought in the final battle. As a result, the giant mammoth became the winner gaining 31.34 per cent of the votes.

The sculpture is called “Time”. As specified, the “skin” of the mammoth is covered with gears, cogs, and bearings and resembles elements of a clockwork mechanism. The idea of such an image came to sculptor Yuri Rudenko when he saw mammoth bones mixed with metal objects of labour at an abandoned mine. According to the sculptor, the mammoth figure should symbolize the connection of times. Besides, they say, inside of the sculpture, certain elements are installed in such a way that, when the wind blows, it should make a sound resembling the roar of a mammoth.

It is reminded that last year, in January 2021, the winner was a monument of Tuvan writing from the Beldir-Kezhii Museum-Reserve. The monument urges to preserve the Tuvan language and keep speaking and writing in it.

Россияне выбрали самый необычный памятник | Мир, гамарджоба | Яндекс Дзен
Picture: ZenYandex

Ru-Main, 26.01.2022
Source: Izvestia 

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