Magnit Shop Opened First Innovative Store “Next to Home”

Magnit opened the first innovative store “Next to Home” in Kazan. It is equipped with solutions that previously were used mainly by retailers in large scales. 

Picture: Retail Innovation Website

The company in the store offers a new digital system SelfieToPay, with which you can pay for purchases by face without cash, card or phone. In order to use SelfieToPay service, you need to download the SWiP application and attach a bank card. The application will ask the user to scan the face of a person whose biometric data will be used for payment.

The Magnit company is equipped with electronic price tags products that require special control. Employees use mobile printers: they scan the product barcode and immediately print a price tag at the shelf. The trading floor is equipped with 5 TV screens and audio speakers to inform customers about discounts.

The store has free Wi-Fi and a mini-cafe area where shoppers can buy freshly brewed coffee and hot pastries. “Magnet” equipped a special “parking lot” with hooks for dogs of the buyers. Besides, the company installed a fandomat, a device for used containers. It accepts aluminium cans and plastic bottles with a volume of 0.25 to 2 litres. You can pass plastic caps to a special box, which are sent for processing, and the proceeds go to help adopted children with developmental disabilities.

Ru-Main, 19.12.2019

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