Magnitogorsk Libraries Turn Into Multimedia Centres

Two libraries have already been modernized in Magnitogorsk under the “Culture” national project. Now the transformation is awaiting the Central Children’s Library, chelTV reports. It will become a real multimedia centre like the other two, where the books are chipped so that visitors can take them on their own.  

Among other things, in libraries instead of the usual reading room, they made zones for working with video and audio materials and an interactive table. There will also be a zone for coworking, communication, club activities, and conducting masterclasses.

It is specified that on the work, 10 million rubles will be spent from the national project budget and 15 million rubles will be allocated from the city budget. The children’s art school is also being reconstructed according to the “Culture” national project. This year the stained-glass windows will be replaced and the facade will be repaired there.

Ru-Main, 15.02.2021 

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