Mammoth Bone Found by Iskitim Resident

A resident of Iskitim, Andrei Yurenkov, found a huge bone on the river, which clearly could not belong to any of the existing animals. He suggested that it was a mammoth bone, and presented it as a gift to the Iskitim Museum of History and Art, VN.RU reports.  

Кость мамонта нашел в Берди житель Искитима
Picture: Novosibirsk Regional Website

The chief curator of the museum’s funds, Tatiana Yevstafieva, examined the bones and confirmed that they belonged to a mammoth. According to Tatiana, in the museum’s paleontology collection, there are about 100 exhibits, which are fragments of bones of extinct animals, tusks, skulls, which at different times were found by residents of the Iskitim district and passed to the museum. Fragments of bones found by Andrey will be cleaned of dirt, receive their inventory number, and deposited in the museum’s funds, where optimal conditions are maintained to preserve the find for many years.

Ru-Main, 17.06.2020

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