Manizha Became First Russian Participant of Spotify Singles Project

Manizha was the first Russian singer to join a series of exclusive studio recordings of Spotify Singles. Manizha presented an acoustic version of her English-language track Now or Never, and also recorded a cover of the song See-Line Woman by Nina Simone. 

Picture: VokrugTV

Manizha became the first Russian singer to record a track for Spotify Singles – a series of exclusive studio recordings performed by current contemporary artists. The participants have the opportunity to publish a cover of an immortal hit or record a new version of their own song in a new arrangement.

According to the Russian singer, she chose Nina Simone’s composition for the cover version because the jazz star inspires her.

“For me, Nina Simone is an absolute goddess […] I imagined that she was standing next to me and we were singing together,” Manizha said.

The Spotify Singles tracks were created as part of the Equal international programme to support women in the music industry. Earlier in January, Manizha became the first Russian artist to appear on the cover of Equal Global’s flagship playlist. Her image also appeared on a billboard in Times Square in New York.

And even before, in the last year, the Russian singer has won the ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest where she performed the ‘Russian Woman‘ song telling about the transformation of a woman’s self-awareness over the past few centuries in Russia.

The performance of Manizha attracted the highest attention of Russian viewers on social networks. Thus, the first semifinal in which the singer took part received four times more views than the second one. It is mentioned that Manizha’s performances have become popular on the official Eurovision YouTube channel as well.

Ru-Main, 31.01.2022
Source: TASS 

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