MegaFon Accelerates 5G Internet in International Roaming

The ‘MegaFon‘ Russian telecommunications company tested the capabilities of the international 5G roaming network, increasing the speed of mobile data transmission to 1.1 Gbps during the tests. The result was recorded in Helsinki using the Speedtest app on a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G smartphone.  

“The result is five times higher than the speed required for comfortable use of mobile Internet in 5G roaming, but with such a rapid development of technologies, perhaps this figure will soon become usual to us,” the commercial director of MegaFon, Vlad Wolfson, said.

It is noted that in February 2020, MegaFon was the first among Russian operators to offer its users international 5G roaming. According to the GSMA Intelligence portal, this roaming is now available in Bahrain, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Kuwait, Latvia, Monaco, the Netherlands, UAE, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, and South Korea.

Ru-Main, 21.02.2021

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