MegaFon Became First Operator to Launch Cyber Intelligence Platform

MegaFon was the first telecom operator to launch a cyber intelligence platform that will be able to help banks prevent theft of money from customer accounts and corporate businesses to protect their employees from mobile fraud, 1rnd reports. 

It is specified that the platform collects information about all modern sources of network attacks on mobile users. The algorithms automatically analyze the streams of network events and identify numbers that are under the threat of theft of funds or information. In particular, the spread of links to malware is recorded, infected devices are identified, and it is also tracked whether phishing was used against clients.

A separate functionality of the platform is developed for online services. It allows identifying users who are using SIM cards for mass automated fraud registration. For example, retail or car-sharing services will be able to identify “wholesale” users of bonus points and discounts and social networks will have a possibility to fight against the creation of fake accounts and cheating.

Ru-Main, 25.03.2021

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