Memory Line: Moscow Lit 1,418 Candles in Memory of War Heroes

The annual action dedicated to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War is being held today in Russia in honour of the Day of Memory and Sorrow. Thus, country residents pay tribute to their ancestors who fell in the battles for the Fatherland. The selected number of candles (1,418) symbolizes the number of days of the largest war in the history of Russia, Zvezda reports. 

Picture: Zvezda TV Channel

It is noted that those gathered at the walls of the Victory Museum kept a minute of silence in memory of war victims. The director of the museum, Alexander Shkolnik, together with the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Ivan Grishanov, lit a torch from the Eternal Flame and handed it over to the participants of the action. Then, 1,418 candles were lit from it.

So, today, on June 22, 2021, anyone can join the action at the Victory Museum and light their candle in memory of the participants in the war. It is specified that the entrance to the museum will be free from 12 pm to 6 pm.

The action also took place in the Main Church of the Russian Armed Forces. At 4 am, candles with fire taken from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier were installed at the monument to the Mothers. The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister of Defence of Russia Andrey Kartapolov. Also, the fire of memory was lit at monuments with earth from the places of great battles.

Ru-Main, 22.06.2021 

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