Metropolitan Parks Offer Online Entertainments for City Residents

In early May Muscovites will be able to get acquainted with the basics of vocals, learn the dance of city streets, and take part in other online entertainment programmes, which were prepared by the parks of the Moscow City Department of Culture, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.

Online programmes will start on May 4 and last until May 10. On the official pages in social networks and park sites, lectures, sports, and creative masterclasses and virtual tours will be available. Among the parks that have prepared online entertainment are Gorky Park, Kuzminsky, Khodynskoe Pole, and others.

The Khodynskoe Pole park invites viewers to learn the basics of ballroom dancing, the Kuzminky park offers to learn hip-hop movements, and Sokolniki Park is going to organize a tour through the large rose garden which is currently closed to visitors.

Ru-Main, 03.05.2020

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