Military Village Freezes in Southern Urals

Frost felt today not only on the streets but also in the apartments of several high-rise buildings of Chebarkul. For the fourth day, there has been neither heating nor hot water in the military town located there.

According to residents, they have been freezing since Friday. And that’s all because of an accident in the heating system. However, repairs began only today, when the region became sharply colder. Citizens are outraged by the situation.

Meanwhile, the company servicing the territory says that the municipal accident occurred on Sunday evening and all its consequences were eliminated on the same day – the site was repaired and the heat supply was restored.

“To prevent similar situations in the future, military networks No. 1 are currently undergoing major repairs of networks (including underground) with their complete replacement. As a result of the repair, nearly six kilometres of heat supply networks will be replaced. The contract for the overhaul of the networks also provides for the laying of a new pavement (including pedestrian walkways) after the work has been completed,” notes the Central Housing and Communal Administration.

They plan to complete the work by December 1. Nevertheless, according to the residents of the military camp, heating has not yet been supplied to the houses, and the communal organization does not contact them. At the moment, frosty weather has set in the Southern Urals. The temperature during the daytime in Chebarkul dropped to -17 degrees.

Ru-Main, 19.11.2019

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