Modern Glasses: Fashion Trends 2020 from Optical Stylist

Anastasia Blagochevskaya told about the most relevant trends of the modern optical industry, VN.RU reports. Modern fashion has become quite smart. Earlier, a frame or a certain colour was popular, but now it’s fashionable to see well first of all. 

According to the expert, a rim is a kind of a carnival mask. The shape of the glasses sets the stereotypical idea of ​​a personality. Round rim created an image of encyclopedic intelligence, while “cat” form of a rim makes an owner more feminine.

As for sunglasses, the unisex shape has long been in fashion. Bioplastics for glasses also become popular, which is usually indicated on their rims. Women began to wear aviator frames, which were earlier popular only among men.

Ru-Main, 29.03.2020

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