Monument Dedicated to Engineer Erected in Rostov

In Rostov, on Gorky Street, a monument to an engineer was erected at the entrance to the building of one of the leading electric repair enterprises in Russia, Sevkavelektroremont OJSC. At the feet of a man in a formal suit and with a briefcase, there is a sign with a quote from the German engineer, Rudolf Diesel, “An engineer can do anything”.  

Picture: Oleg Dereza’s FB-page

“This is in memory of all Russian, Soviet, Russian engineers who led our country forward, no matter what it was called, inventing and building generators, aircraft, sea and space ships, it is dedicated to all production workers,” commented on the installation of the monument business ombudsman of the Rostov region Oleg Dereza.

Dereza called the place chosen for the sculpture symbolic. According to him, the monument is erected at the entrance of the Sevkavelektroremont OJSC building, which is the only building in the city centre remained to belong to a manufacturing enterprise after a difficult period in the 90s and attempts at raider seizure.

Ru-Main, 14.01.2021 

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