More Than 10 Modern Air Pollution Control Stations Installed in Moscow

Thirteen automatic air pollution control stations have been installed in Moscow, each of which has modern equipment to control the content of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and dioxide, the amount of hydrocarbon compounds, and hydrogen sulfide. 

According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Housing and Communal Services and Improvement, Petr Biryukov, the renewed stations are distinguished by increased reliability. At the moment, the Moscow monitoring system includes 56 automatic stations for monitoring air pollution in the city, 3 mobile environmental laboratories, and an analytical laboratory.

Biryukov also noted that the new stations will monitor the content of suspended particles less than 2.5 kilometres in size in the air, and stressed that it is them that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers the most dangerous of pollutants. He added that the results of measurements from the updated equipment will be available in real-time on the website of the State Budgetary Institution “Mosecomonitoring”.

Ru-Main, 17.09.2020 

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