More Than 200 Places for Epiphany Bathing Prepared in Suburbs of Moscow

In the suburbs of Moscow were prepared 214 places for Epiphany bathing. This information was provided by the press service of the main department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for the Moscow Region. 

According to the department, 214 places for Epiphany bathing prepared in the municipalities of the Moscow region: 94 fonts at churches and holy springs, 74 places on ponds and 46 places on open water bodies.

All of them are equipped with lighting fixtures, places for heating and changing clothes, flooring, convenient descents into the water, and rescuers and doctors are also organized everywhere. 2.2 thousand people will take care of the safety of citizens on the holiday, and about 700 pieces of equipment will be involved.

Residents of the region were warned that due to the unstable temperature regime in many reservoirs it was undesirable to go on the ice, so people should swim at Epiphany only in specially equipped places, where there are rescuers on duty.

Ru-Main, 14.01.2020

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