More Than Half Russians Do Sport

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) presented survey data on the favourite sports of Russians. According to the survey, more than half of Russians do some kind of sport (56 per cent).  

It turned out that more often than other age groups, Russian youth goes in for sports (18-24 years old, 71 per cent). However, even among the elderly, every second goes in for sports (50 per cent among the 60+ group). The main reason why Russians do not do sport is a lack of time (32 per cent), health restrictions (19 per cent), as well as laziness, lack of desire, active lifestyle, or retirement age (9 per cent each).

The most popular sports among Russians are running, athletics, or walking (36 per cent). The second place is occupied by fitness or complex physical education (25 per cent). The third place took physiotherapy exercises (18 per cent in total and 28 per cent among those over 60 years old). Also, the top popular sports activities included skating and skiing (18 per cent), cycling (18 per cent), and swimming (12 per cent).

The main goal of training for Russians who go in for sports is to maintain and strengthen their health (63 per cent). Citizens aged 60+ more often answered this way (80 per cent). 12 per cent of the respondents use sports to improve their mood, and 8 per cent of the respondents do sport to relieve fatigue and support their performance.

It is specified that most often Russians do sport outside (52 per cent), while some of them prefer to do sport at home (39 per cent) or in a fitness centre (31 per cent). The most popular way of doing sports among Russians is self-training (84 per cent). In turn, 5 per cent of the respondents turn to a trainer, and 10 per cent combine independent training and training with a coach.

Ru-Main, 06.04.2021 

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