More Than Half Russians Regularly Work Overtime

Almost 60 per cent of Russians regularly work on weekends, RIA News reports with reference to a study conducted by the job search service.  

It is noted that almost every second Russian works in the evenings and nights, at least several times a month, and every third works at least once a month on weekends. At the same time, 31 per cent of respondents work on weekends and holidays for the sake of career prospects, 26 per cent for the good of their own business, 22 per cent to get additional earnings, 11 per cent for fear of losing their job, and another 3 per cent simply do not know how to spend their free time otherwise.

It is specified that workers in the service sector (taxi drivers, couriers) are most often work overtime (24 per cent), as well as media specialists (journalists, producers – 19 per cent in Moscow and the Moscow region). Also, transport workers in St. Petersburg (drivers – 18 per cent ) and 15 per cent of teachers in Yekaterinburg and Kazan tend to work more than it is planned. However, in 2020, doctors expectedly became the absolute leaders in working overtime.

Ru-Main, 15.04.2021 

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