Moscow and St. Petersburg Became Most Attractive Cities for Russian Tourists

Moscow and St. Petersburg occupy the leading positions in terms of attractiveness for Russian tourists, according to the chairman of the Moscow Tourism Committee Ekaterina Pronicheva. She noted that despite the fact that these cities do not own any sea resorts they turned out to be the most interesting ones for tourists, TASS reports.  

Pronicheva said that this year Moscow is fully prepared to receive guests from the regions and even from other countries when the situation allows it. It is specified that in the pre-pandemic period the volume of the tourist flow coming from Moscow to St. Petersburg and from St. Petersburg to Moscow was 3 million people. The city authorities set themselves the task this year to align the numbers in terms of the tourist flow and come closer to the indicators of 2019 which was a record year.

Ru-Main, 02.04.2021 

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