Moscow Athlete Broke Bruce Lee Record

The Moscow fitness trainer, Manvel Mamoyan, became the six-time holder of the Guinness World Record, VM.RU reports.  

Picture: Moscow Regional Website

His path in sports began in Yerevan. From 10 years old he was engaged in judo, then he became interested in wrestling. Today, Manvel is a six-time champion of the Guinness Book of Records. Currently, the athlete is about to move a car weighing one and a half tons. Recently, he made 16 push-ups in one minute in a handstand. For complexity, he put on an 18-pound vest.

Manvel also broke the record of a famous Bruce Lee. The legendary actor in a minute did 50 push-ups on two fingers. Manvel repeated the exercise 55 times. For two years now he has been living in Moscow, working as a fitness trainer, has a blog on the network and is preparing to open his own online publication on a healthy lifestyle.

Ru-Main, 19.03.2020

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