Moscow Authorities to Launch First Electric Buses With Heaters

The Moscow authorities are going to launch the first electric buses running entirely on electricity in 2022, according to the official Telegram-channel of the Moscow Department of Transport. 

It is expected that electric buses will help city authorities to reduce operating costs and simplify rolling stock maintenance, as they have a 15-year manufacturer’s service warranty. In addition, such vehicles are valued for their clean air with minimal emissions.

Now in Moscow, electric buses run on 42 routes, 33 of which were previously bus routes. In 2021, another 400 electric buses will arrive in Moscow and then the electric bus fleet will grow by 66 per cent. Thus, there will already be 1,000 of them in Moscow. And in 2022, the first electric buses, powered only by electricity, will come to the city.

Ru-Main, 06.01.2021 

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