Moscow Bike Rental Used Over 1 Million Times in June

The users of the Moscow bicycle rental in June made 1.3 million trips. The number of trips increased by 280,000 compared to June 2019, the Moscow Mayor’s official website reports. 

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

It is specified that about 200,000 users made more than one trip. The most popular rental station No. 466 is located at the main entrance of VDNH, and it has been used 25.7 thousand times. It is noted that this year, before lifting the restrictions, on June 1, only couriers and volunteers could use it. In total, the bicycle park of Moscow consists of 6,000 bicycles and 570 stations. It is planned to launch at least 629 rental stations by the end of the year.

Ru-Main, 05.07.2020

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