‘Moscow’ Cruiser Crew Celebrated Day of Black Sea Fleet

On May 13, Russians celebrated the Day of the Black Sea Fleet, with the ceremonial forming-up on the missile cruiser ‘Moscow’, VM.RU reports. 

Picture: Moscow Regional Website

The festive day of May 13 was established in 1996. In 1783, on this day, 11 ships and vessels of the Azov Flotilla, under the command of Admiral, Fedor Klokachev, entered the Akhtiar Bay. A month later, the city of Sevastopol was laid in this place, which became the main naval base of the Black Sea Fleet. The ceremony will take place on the ship, and the commander will congratulate the crew. It is noted that the cruiser is currently under repair and does not participate in any celebrations. The crew complies with all necessary safety measures introduced due to the pandemic.

Ru-Main, 14.05.2020

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