Moscow Dancers Won All Medals of Russian Championship

All the medals of the Russian championships were won by Moscow dancers. The competitions were held in three age categories, they are 16–18 years old, 14–15 and 12–13 years old, reports Moscow Mayor official website

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

The participants performed dances in two programs, European and Latin American. Evgeny Sveridonov and Angelina Barkova, who are four-time champions of the competition, received the gold of the Russian championship. The pairs of Semion Khrzhanovsky and Elizaveta Lykhina, and Oleg Zhen and Yulia Khurtina, became silver and bronze medalists respectively. The first in the Russian championship in the junior category were German Pugachev and Ariadna Tishova, the second – Yaroslav Kiselev and Sofia Filipchuk, and the third – Danila Boriskin and Polina Kulakova.

Ru-Main, 13.02.2020

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