Moscow Entrepreneurs Named Perfect Income Size

Entrepreneurs in Moscow believe that 500 thousand rubles a month will be enough for them to be happy, TASS reports with reference to a study conducted by the IFORS Research organization in February 2021 among 800 entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized companies of various industries operating in the city.  

According to the results of the study, 41 per cent of Russian entrepreneurs will be happy with a monthly income of 500 thousand rubles or more. Also, 200-250 thousand rubles is enough for 14 per cent of respondents, 13 per cent of entrepreneurs named the amount of 301-350 thousand rubles, 66 per cent consider the income of over 501 thousand rubles high for Moscow, and 41 per cent requires such income for happiness.

It is specified that happiness for 38 per cent of entrepreneurs is doing an interesting job and being able to self-actualize in it, for 27 per cent, this means creating a sufficient source of income. In addition, 64 per cent of respondents believe that business is work, and 32 per cent think that business is an art. Finally, of those who have some fears about their business, the most frequently named was fear of crisis and unstable situation (58 per cent), as well as fear of being left without money (30 per cent).

Ru-Main, 07.03.2021 

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