Moscow Fitness Trainer Invites City Residents to Rooftops

The stretching season was opened on the roof of the entrance arch in Gorky Park in Moscow. The classes are conducted by the prize-winner of the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship Samira Mustafayeva. More than 20 girls attend the training to date, reported. 

Picture: Moscow Regional Website

The girls start with the Barre, which is a mix of yoga, Pilates, and ballet. It is an active training, which uses both static exercises and those borrowed from dance practice, which is very effective in terms of getting rid of excess weight and creating a relief body. It is noted that stretching training on the roof will now be conducted regularly, once every two weeks on Mondays.

For exercise, you need a sports uniform, sneakers, and water. Mats and balls are given out by the organizers on the spot. According to them, last year they gathered almost 300 people on the site in the Muzeon Park, and this time, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there were only over 20. However, this turned out to show some advantages, as the coaches had the opportunity to practice individually with each participant and explain the exercise technique.

Ru-Main, 07.08.2020 

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