Moscow Got in Top Cities With Most Expensive Parking

Moscow got into the top 10 ranking of the most expensive parking in the world. For the price of an eight-hour parking, the Russian capital was the second in the world. 

Picture: Interfax

The encyclopedia of parking lots, Parkopedia, has published a rating of the cost of parking around the world. Russia ranks first in it in terms of the growth rate of the price of two-hour parking off the streets: in three years it has risen in price by more than 42 per cent, which analysts explain by high inflation.

Moscow also got into the top ten cities in the world with the most expensive street parking, taking sixth place with $10.21 for two hours. It is specified that the rating takes into account the cost of two-hour parking from 11 am to 1 pm on Wednesday on and off the streets and eight-hour parking during working hours.

The leader in the list of cities with the most expensive two-hour parking off the streets was New York, with $43.10. The second place went to Sydney, the third to Brisbane, and Moscow is not in this ranking. At the same time, Russia was on the 16th line among countries by the same indicator with $5.94.

Amsterdam is in the lead in terms of the high cost of two-hour street parking ($13.31). Moscow ranks sixth with $10.21 — above Chicago, Seoul, Helsinki, and Berlin. As for the countries, Russia was in the fourth position ($8.12) after Norway, the Netherlands, and South Korea.

Eight-hour off-street parking in Moscow is estimated at $24.28, which provided the capital with the 30th place. According to the same indicator, Russia was ninth with $21.05, and Australia was the first.

Finally, the most expensive daily parking on the street costs residents of Amsterdam 53.23. However, Moscow is not far behind with $40.83 and takes second place. Russia is third in a similar rating ($32.27), and the first and second lines went to South Korea and the Netherlands.

Ru-Main, 17.11.2022
Source: Motor

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