Robostation – Moscow Interactive Exhibition

An interactive exhibition of a new format, Robostation, was created to make friends robots and people. It inspires the younger generation in engineering. 

Picture: Robostation Official Website

This is a platform where children are meeting the future: through playing they learn to communicate with robots, gain new experience, useful knowledge and vivid impressions.

Unique robots that came from around the world are living evidence of the inevitability of robotic life. You can draw your robe portrait, be the first to see giant robotic fishes, get a Robo-prediction of the future, ask tricky questions to a smart wise robot, learn a new Robo-joke, and try to score a goal goalkeeper robot.

In the real engineer’s workshop, you can create an original robot from different materials under the guidance of mentoring engineers, and also find out how and why bridges are built, build your catapult and make a robot out of an ordinary brush. You can also make photos there or buy gifts for joy.

Ru-Main, 03.01.2020

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