Moscow Inventors Prepare Projects to Get Premium Prize

Last year, Moscow inventors filed nearly 7.5 thousand applications for inventions, that is 30 per cent of the total number of applications in the country. At the end of summer for the best inventions, there was established a special award.

Alexey Sorokin developed a comprehensive security system, reports VM.RU. The equipment is intended for emergency independent evacuation from buildings. “Strong” is an autonomous stationary rescue equipment, which consists of a steel frame, a bay with a flexible steel ladder in a protective case, an electric drive with an emergency power system, lighting and sound equipment. Designed for salvation in the event of the rapid spread of fire, excluding the evacuation of people in other ways, except through windows.

The general director of Metro Media LLC, Vais Ermanbetov, told about a sample of innovative glass with a transparent OLED matrix. The “display window” can replace glazing on train stations and other public institutions. If necessary, the window can switch from transparency mode to colour display mode. When you enter the platform, the screen will automatically switch to transparency mode, leaving only navigation elements.

These and other inventions will take part in a competition of the best innovator projects of Moscow. The expert commission of the award will include representatives of the Moscow government, the scientific community, high-tech companies, representatives of business and innovation entities.

Ru-Main, 18.12.2019

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