Moscow Metro Train Decorated on April Fool’s Day

In honour of April Fool’s Day, on April 1, on the trains of the Moscow Koltsevaya line, stickers were placed with the words “Do Not Believe, Do Not Be Afraid, Do Not Ask” (a prison saying about which Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote in his work “The Gulag Archipelago”), “No Love, No Yearning, No Pity” (a line from a poem by Konstantin Simonov), and others, the city Department of Transport reports in its Telegram-Account.  

“Dear passengers, do not forget to smile when exiting the train! By April 1, we have prepared a surprise for you: a train with such stickers will run on the Koltsevaya Line all day,” the message says.

The press service noted that on the doors of the train you can also see such phrases as “Do Not Worry”, “Do Not Pretend”, and “Do Not Be Upset”.

Ru-Main, 01.04.2021, Pictures: Moscow Department of Transport Telegram-Channel  

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