Moscow Museum Competes for Title of Best Centre of Slavic Culture

On February 18, the Slovo Centre for Slavic Writing in Moscow became a contender for the international Živa Award, that was founded in 2012 on the initiative of a group of experts from the countries participated in the Forum of Slavic Cultures, such as Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, reports Slovo Centre

Picture: Centre for Slavic Writing Website

The competition is aimed at supporting interesting museum projects dedicated to the culture, historical and artistic heritage of the Slavic peoples. To select winners, an international jury will visit museums from March 1 to the end of April. Experts will appreciate the exposure and innovative approaches to presenting the information.

According to Inna Golubeva, CEO of Moscow City Office, since April last year, the Moscow Museum Week campaign has been held. Now, exhibition venues are free every third week of the month. The next one will be held from March 9 to March 15. As part of the action, museums can choose the day of free admission by themselves.

Ru-Main, 18.02.2020

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