Moscow Museum “Walk in the Dark”

Walk in the Dark is a unique project for Moscow based on the invisible type of a museum, especially popular abroad. 

Picture: Museum Official VK-Page

Visitors will take an excursion in complete darkness to several locations: apartment, street, spice shop, museum and cafe. Each location is aimed at certain sensations.

Some people live constantly in the darkness, and in this museum, they will be your guides. They will tell fascinating facts and stories from the life of the blind, about their achievements and opportunities in the modern world.

Each guest, regardless of age, will learn a lot about the world of the blind and see how you can enjoy life and use all its possibilities without having one of the senses.

Excursions last about an hour, the cost varies from 690 to 2000 rubles. Children accompanied by adults are admitted from 7 years. The exposition takes place in the shopping centre “Riviera”. More details can be found on the organizers’ website.

Ru-Main, 18.12.2019

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